Lamp connector on Soundcraft GB4 (I think GB2 is the same)

Sort of XLR (Cannon) connector with 4 pins


pin 1    +12C DC
pin 2    Nothing
pin 3    +12V DC
pin 4    GND

Lamp Stairville LEDXLR4A, part (artikel) 180235

This lamp has the following pinout :

pin 3     GND
pin 4     +12V DC

On the site, in the description of the part, you find the opposite pinning. I don't know if the site is wrong or if I get a bad part from them. In any case, it is very easy to adapt it to anything because you can easily open the cover and solder the wires as you need.

In order to use this lamp on a Soundcraft GB4, you have to modify it: