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My family is composed by my wife Judith, my son Luca, my daughter Nora and my son Leonardo

Judith, Luca, Nora and Leonardo

It's clear (just now, before it wasn't) that my family is the most precious thing I have. It has not always been so clear as it is now. During some years the K-Team company has played a very important role in my life, keeping me and my head away from my wife and children. Since I left K-Team my life has improved a lot and I am really enjoying family life! This helps me also to find new energy for new projects at EPFL, of course.

Parents and brother:

My parents are Maria-Antonietta and Guglielmo, actually living in Frasco, Ticino, Switzerland. They have still no WEB pages, sorry.

I have one brother, Gabriele, also engineer like me...