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Homepage of Francesco Mondada

This page is continuously under construction...

Main project:

My only real stable project is to use my life in the best way following some principles:
  • Take care of human relationships
  • Help other people who can need my competencies or simply my help
  • Carry out projects that can improve the world... even if only a little bit.

Long projects (segments of my life):

  • My family of course...
  • Robotics at LAMI: This has been the beginning of my activity in mobile robotics. I have been very much inspired by the great creativity of Jean-Daniel Nicoud and got the splendid support from Edo Franzi and André Guignard. A result of this activity has been the Khepera robot and the evolutionary experiments made with Dario Floreano.
  • K-Team has been a long project in my life. It started in a wonderful way, based on the principles mentioned above. But as soon as the company started to grow, the business principles replaced my basic principles and all, from my point of view and motivation, collapsed. I will add here more as soon as I will get time to do it...
  • The swarm-bots and the swarmanoid projects have been a great challange, showing (again) that the construction of a robot can bring new elements to science (as we made with Khepera...).
  • The mobsya association is a new approach to robotics and social committment.

Personal (private) technical projects:

  • ECAM is a small project I made to show how SysQuake is powerful and general. ECAM allow tounderstand in an interactive way how medical insurancesprices work in SWitzerland.
  • I designed with my father a biped robot just for fun....

Professional projects:

  • Khepera has been one of the main developments I participated with Edo Franzi and André Guignard.
  • Inside K-Team I worked on a robot theater. I participated to many other robot-artistic projects and I still enjoy interacting with artists.