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Welcome to the homepage

of Francesco Mondada

This is my personal homepage.
This site has no relationship with my actual or past employers.
It is a contact and information point for my friends.

Useful information:

Actual working place:

MOBOTS group
STI and IC
Office MEB330, building ME
Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne

Position: head of the MOBOTS group and academic director of the LEARN center

Tel: +41 21 693 73 57
Fax: +41 21 693 78 07
email: francesco.mondada(at)

Professional homepage:

Private contact:

email: francesco(at)
URL: (here where you are)

This site (

The site is motivated by the need of a fixed reference and is possible because of the collaboration of my brother and my cousin. Just do not consider it as a sign of arrogance.

My WEB pages:

These WEB pages want to be a contact and information point where I give some information, opinions, feelings and more. Hope it will be useful for human contacts.